Garcia brought out best in everyone

Laurie Stone: PNT Correspondent

Edward Garcia demonstrated compassion by the way he respected the lives of others. He honored their integrity and sought to bring out the best when even the darkest times presented themselves in full.

According to family members, he was a man with an open heart to love.

Edward Garcia died Oct. 25, 2005, at the age of 75 due to coronary heart failure.

He was a quiet man that took great pride in his family, teaching them the principles of life.

“He had a lot of respect for people,” said Jerry Garcia, Edward Garcia’s son. “He was the type of person that would drop his pride to help people. He wouldn’t sit around and watch TV instead, he believed in helping wherever there was a need,” he said.

Edward Garcia was born Jan 25, 1930, in Littlefield, Texas, to Ramoncita and Pablo Garcia. He grew up in Encino where he attended school and from an early age helped care for his grandparents. He married his bride, Katie Larranaga in Aug. 1948 in Encino. They first met while attending grade school together. According to Katie, she didn’t like him too much when he was younger because he would knock her school books out of her arms. They were married 57 years and had four children together. Soon after marriage, he began work for the Santa Fe Railroad. He also farmed and later worked as a cement finisher.

He enjoyed traveling and having a nicely groomed lawn, which he won an award for from the city of Portales.

“Dad was a giver that was willing to sacrifice of himself,” said Connie Wilson, Edward Garcia’s daughter. “He was always there for us.”

After Garcia raised his four children he took on a second generation when he raised two of his grandsons.

Garcia and his wife traveled abroad exposing their grandsons to America. According to family members, their adventures lasted so long, they often had to call the State Police to find them and bring them back home.

“My Dad was an awesome Dad,” said Wilson. “It was selfless of him to raise two families and not a lot of people would have done that,” she said. “I believe he did everything above and beyond what he was intended to do here on Earth.”