Commissioners plan workshop

Tony Parra: PNT Staff Writer

The county commissioners elected to have a workshop during the county meeting on Dec. 6 to prioritize capital outlay requests for the 2006 legislative session.

Mike Miller, lobbyist for the county, was in attendance to give recommendations and advise the commissioners on what would be the best way of requesting funding from state legislators.

The total amount of money set aside for Roosevelt County was $983,000 through capital outlay requests in the 2005 legislature. Commissioners requested $800,000 for road improvements and received $325,000. They received $233,000 to purchase vehicles for the sheriff’s department.
Road improvements were listed as the top priority and legislators have allocated $325,000 for that purpose. Commissioners asked for $430,000 for road equipment purchases and received $175,000 and they also requested $560,000 for the Roosevelt County Fairgrounds and received $250,000.

Commissioners want to use the workshop to establish priorities from options such as renovating the electrical, heating and cooling units for the courthouse, road repairs and road equipment. They want to determine an amount for each request.

• Bill Borthwick, Floodplain Coordinator for the New Mexico Department of Public Safety, gave a presentation on the National Flood Plain Insurance Program to see if county commissioners would be interested in enrolling in the program for a cost.

County commissioners elected not to enroll in the program because there are no flood plains in the rural areas and because of the improbability of having a flood.

Borthwick’s only example of the nearest flood to Roosevelt County took place in Roswell in 1941.

County commissioners said excess rainfall in the county damaged county roads, but Borthwick said the National Flood Plain Insurance Program doesn’t cover road damage.
Borthwick said benefits in enrolling in the program would be that the Federal Emergency Management Agency officials would come to Roosevelt County and absorb the costs of cleaning up in case of a flood.

• Commissioners unanimously approved a budget adjustment to the Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Department totaling $1,720 for overtime salaries of the deputies while they set up DWI saturation points. The county received the $1,720 through the Operation DWI program from the New Mexico Department of Transportation.