Letters to the Editor (Nov. 16)

Cold, hard reality is finally convincing many of us what learned predictions could not: Most of the policies of the Bush administration are tearing our country apart. Many good Republicans, especially, are wondering how and why we’ve come to this point.

Speaking from the right, noted columnist Pat Buchanan said of the recent Harriet Miers withdrawal: “We’re the loyalist party. We don’t like to fight with the king.”
Excuse me? The king?

For several generations, historians have been discussing what is called the Imperial Presidency, especially within the context of arbitrary rule that has stepped out of political bounds.

Kings rule by decree, backed by usually forced loyalty.
Presidents are supposed to lead, not rule, by the consent of those being led.

President Bush, along with his inner circle and Republican Congress, is enacting often unusually foolish national policies with a kind of kingly arbitrariness, which is stunning, even to the majority of Republicans who thought they were voting for a compassionate conservative.
Whatever we think of Bush personally, many Republicans (as opposed to those at the far right) are in grudging agreement.

Kirby Rowan