United Way of Eastern New Mexico fulfills more than half of goal

Staff reports

The United Way of Eastern New Mexico has fulfilled 62 percent of a $482,005 community-wide goal for its 2005 fund-raising campaign, according to the agency’s Executive Director Erinn Burch.

Burch said she is confident the remaining funds will be procured.

To date, $301,656 has been donated or pledged. The bulk of United Way funds are donated through workplaces and corporations, Burch said. She said contributions from many major annual donors, including local banks, Eastern New Mexico University and Dillard’s have yet to be added to the campaign totals.

However, contributions from the campaign’s most generous donors — Clovis Municipal Schools and the Plains Regional Medical Center — have already been tallied.

“Sometimes, it’s the folks who (are) maybe closest to the need that will give a little more. You never can tell,” Burch said of consistently large donations from hourly workers.

“Part of the reason we see high donations from the hospital and the schools,” Burch added, “is because they see the need directly; they see people in their most vulnerable states, and that puts them closer to the reality of what it means to be vulnerable.”

Burch said remaining campaign contributions should be tallied by Dec. 16. But that deadline may be missed. The organization is about three weeks behind its usual schedule, due to a rough hurricane season and local Base Realignment and Closure proceedings, Burch said.

The non-profit organization provides local youth and family programs, aids those in crisis, and aims to increase community self-sufficiency. Burch said the United Way is still accepting donations.

Listed below are the workplaces and corporations that have pledged $1,000 or more to the 2005 campaign so far:
Allsup’s $7,531
Bank of Clovis $6,820
BNSF Foundation $7,500
Clovis Community College: $8,079
Clovis Housing: $1,440
Clovis Municipal Schools: $61,396
Clovis News Journal: $8,200
Durham & Kinyon Inc.: $1,000
Garrett Law Firm: $1,000
High Plains Fed. Credit Union: $4,880
JC Penney Co.: $1,757
K. Barnett & Sons: $3,000
LCI2: $10,000
Mark Carpenter Plumbing: $1,592
Newt & Butch’s Roofing & Sheet Metal: $1,000
NM American Water Co.: $4,720
New Mexico Bank & Trust: $2,664
PNM (Clovis & Portales): $9,971
Plains Regional Medical Center: $57,942
Portales Municipal Schools: $9,341
Portales News-Tribune: $2,020
Roosevelt County Electric Coop.: $1,624
Sunland Peanuts: $1,000
Thrifty Nickel/American Classifieds: $2,000
Triangle Home Center: $2,621
UPS: $2,571
W.T. Denton Plumbing & Heating: $5,753
Wal-Mart, Clovis: $8,724
Wal-Mart, Portales: $2,284
Wells Fargo, Portales: $1,000

For information, contact Dianna Thompson, campaign chair, 769-4136, or Erinn Burch, executive director, 769-2103.

List does not include individual donations.