Rotary club to host holiday home tour

Tony Parra: PNT Staff Writer

Homeowners’ love for Christmas will be on display as part of the First Annual Homes for the Holidays Tour from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Dec. 16 in Portales.

The Portales Rotary Club is sponsoring the home tours. There will be six homes on the tour people can view and cost is $5 per ticket.

“We want to give people something to enjoy,” Rotarian Leroy Thomas said. “They can enjoy the home tours and decorations. They’ll be able to see decorated trees, kitchens, living rooms and Christmas lights. We’re hoping it (the event) will take root and we can hold it each year.”

Thomas will have his house on the home tour and so will Thom Moore. Moore and his wife Cozetta Moore are still decorating their home for the tour. Moore, who has been a Rotarian for 19 years, said the house has 30 to 35 nativity scenes, made of straw, porcelain, ceramic and other materials.

“We love decorating for Christmas,” Moore said. “Every year we have a big Christmas with family. We started decorating in October. It’ll be the first time we’ve had a home in a home tour.”

Moore said the house will have rooms decorated with different styles. Trees in different rooms such as the den, great room, bedroom, grandbaby’s room are fashioned with various designs. Moore said the Heritage Tree is decorated with ornaments their children made and family photos.

According to Moore, one tree in the retro room has antique toys and another tree in the bedroom has classic 1948 red Ford pickup toys as ornaments on it. Moore said they have two other trees in the house which carry different themes. He said one tree displays Dear God figurines and another tree displays Walt Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Pluto.

Thomas said the other homes on the tour belong to Antonio Sanchez, Jeremy Sturm, Marsha Brooks and Abby Dixon.
Jerry Partin, Portales Rotary Club president, said there are 58 members in the club. According to Partin, the members split up into smaller groups and are putting together fundraisers.

Thomas said there are three groups consisting of four to five members in each group who are helping out with the event. Thomas said the Rotary club members help with preparation, set-up, greeting participants and helping homeowners.

People can purchase tickets from the Roosevelt County Chamber of Commerce. They can also buy tickets from The Print Shop and Roosevelt County Electric Coop. Proceeds will go to improving the Portales Rotary Park. The park, located near Eastern New Mexico University, is used frequently and hosts many little league baseball games each year.

Partin said the City of Portales owns it, but the Rotarians hold fund-raisers to help buy equipment for Rotary Park.
Thomas said homeowners will be present during the tours and will talk to people about how they came up with the ideas and where they purchased or received the materials for their creative visions.