Super Sunday often equals super problems

By Tony Parra

Football fans around Portales will be doing what millions of people will be doing on Sunday, watching the Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XL.

However, winning and losing may not be the only concern on that day. Local law enforcement will keep a watchful eye on that day. Portales Capt. Lonnie Berry said during Super Bowl Sunday, along with holidays, there is a slight increase in domestic violence in Portales homes.

“We get a few additional calls on Super Bowl Sunday,” Berry said. “It’s hard to tell why the incidents happen, but the biggest catalyst is alcohol. A lot of guys may decide to drink a little more and have a party at that time.”

Berry said it’s not a new trend on that day, but rather that it’s always been that way.

“A lot of people decide to drink alcohol in excess and we get friends or family calling us on that day,” Berry said. He said Portales Police officers have to respond to additional domestic violence incidents when there are three-day weekends or big events going on. Officers are left to deal with the addition of alcohol to the mix.

Drinking alcohol also adds on to the high-calorie intake of the day. For those people who choose to drink alcohol on Super Bowl Sunday, alcohol has the highest number of calories among the various items that might be spread on a Super Bowl buffett, according to Judy Cox, a licensed dietitian for La Casa de Buena Salud health clinics in Portales and Clovis. Cox said it has nine grams of fat per serving.

She said when people are buying chips or other food products for their Super Bowl party, they need to make sure and read the nutrition details. Cox said the percentage of grams of fat needs to be less than 10 percent and the carbohydrate portion should be close to 15 grams.

Cox said she likes to have a low-fat dip and chips. She said in place of chicken wings, people can have a vegetable and fruit tray.

Jared Morris and Josh Tinaglia, two Eastern New Mexico University students, said they’re ready for Super Bowl XL and they plan to be with friends during a Super Bowl party off-campus.

“There’s going to be plenty of food there,” Morris said. “We have a friend who likes to cook steaks and hamburgers. There’s going to be lots of chips and dip.”

Tinaglia said it’s an American holiday and they’re not worried about calories on Sunday. Both are members of the ENMU soccer team.

“We’re not worried,” Morris said. “We’ll eat a lot over the weekend. They’ll (coaches) run it out of us on Monday.”
Berry, an Indianapolis Colts’ fan, said he’s not going to be rooting for any particular team while Tinaglia and Morris said they will be rooting for the Steelers. Cox said as long as the game is not a blowout she will enjoy it.