City council approves 28-lot subdivision

By Tony Parra

Portales city councilors approved a preliminary plat Tuesday for a housing development which would have 28 lots in Portales.

Larry Combs, the Portales developer, is proposing a housing subdivision for property located on West 22nd Street abutting the northeast portion of Yucca subdivision. There are approximately 28 lots on the 8.25 acres.

“He’s taking some bad-looking areas and made them look good,” D.K. Shafer said. One of the developments Shafer was referring to was the building of tri-plex multi-family apartments on 300 E. Ninth St.. next to the city park. Combs, owner of Combs Properties, demolished a duplex on the property which is 40 years old.

City officials hired Dan Bovin of Smith Engineering who inspected the property and is in agreement with the proposed drainage plan.

Portales City Councilor Ron Jackson said there were concerns from the nearby residents of the Yucca Subdivision in regards to safety and additional traffic. But he also added, that’s he is in support of the development and he looks forward to seeing the area developed.

Sammy Standefer, city planning director, said the plan is to have impervious walls around each lot. Standefer said each house would have concrete fencing to contain flooding.

• City councilors approved a resolution in support of the Yam Movie Palace Consortium and the Eastern New Mexico Region Film Iniative. Greg Erf, Portales MainStreet member and professor of art at Eastern New Mexico University, said the project is in line with Gov. Bill Richardson’s film initiative.

He said a new film degree for ENMU is in the works and the consortium (ENMU, Portales MainStreet, city of Portales and KENW-TV) is wanting to have film technology in the Yam Movie Palace for students and independent film makers. Erf said he wants to receive letters of support from ENMU, Portales MainStreet, KENW-TV and the city of Portales for a grant application seeking money for the technology equipment for the Yam Movie Palace.

“We would like to have a screening facility for producers,” Erf said. “A state-of-the art screening facility.”

Portales Mayor Orlando Ortega said producers who film in Portales or Clovis would have to send their film to Albuquerque or Las Cruces for processing. With a screening facility, the work could be done in Portales. Ortega said another possibility would be to have a film office in the Yam Movie Palace.

“Students that are in the internship programs can help with film companies that come in,” Erf said. “We can train students through the program.”

Erf said a film office and the technology for the Yam Movie Palace would be attractive for independent producers with $500,000 to $3 million budgets.

• City councilors approved the notice of intent to increase the salary of the municipal judge from $15,000 a year to $20,000 a year. They held a public hearing on Tuesday and no one spoke in favor of it or against it.

A provision in the ordinance gives the municipal court judge more latitude in setting court hours

• City councilors approved the appointment and setting of election officials and workers for the March 7 municipal election. Each ward will have four poll workers. The cost of all election personnel is $2,275, according to a city of Portales document.