Big day planned for Portales women

By William Thompson

Portales women can sign up for five out of 30 classes offered March 4 at the second annual Women’s Day Out sponsored by the Portales Women’s Club, The Portales Roosevelt Chamber of Comerce and Dillard’s Department Store.

The event will be held at Greyhound Arena from 8 a.m. to 3:45 a.m. About 20 area businesses will have booths set up inside the arena offering various goods and services.

Event organizer Carol Hardin said some of the booths like Avon and Signature Cosmetics wil offer items for sale while organizations like Habitat for Humanity and the Democratic Women’s Organization will offer free information.

Hardin said she is excited that a plastic surgeon from Austin, Texas will offer a class giving information about plastic surgery and the latest anti-aging techniques. Other classes include belly dancing, beginning yoga, digital photography, napkin folding and a class called “Gardening for Dummies.”

“The women who took the belly dancing class at last year’s Women’s Day Out all left the class knowing some belly dancing,” Hardin said. “ We had about 150 women attend last year’s event. Some of the instructors are part of ENMU’s extended learning program while others are owners of area businesses.”

Lori Moyers, the belly dance instructor, said belly dancing is a way for women to learn to “appreciate their own bodies.”
“The women will be introduced to the basics of belly dancing,” Moyers said. “Belly dancing is good for flexibility and balance and it can be an aerobic exercise as well.”

Curtis Jaynes, owner of The Garden Source Nursery in Portales will be teaching two classes at Women’s Day Out. He will teach a class called “Gardening for Dummies” and “Herb and Container Gardening.”

“Because our weather varies so much, there are things you can learn in order to achieve success in gardening year-round,” Jaynes said. “I’ll be teaching fertilization, what plants will do well in our area and preparing the soil.”

Jaynes said his herb and container gardening class will feature hands-on instruction. He said herbs and flowers will be planted in the class. He said he will also explain cooking uses for various herbs.

Hardin said women can enter to win a free makeover and style consultation in advance of Women’s Day Out.

“When they register for the Women’s Day Out they take their ticket stub to Beall’s in Clovis or Portales, by Feb. 23.”’ Hardin said. “The winner will be announced Feb. 24 on the Q101 morning show. The winning lady will be presented on March 4 at Greyhound Arena with her makeover.”

The makeover includes a trip to Beall’s for a new fashion look, a visit to Solutions Salon for a new hairdo and a visit to Dillard’s for makeup.

The Portales Women’s Club has about 50 members, Hardin said, and the purpose of the big event is to raise money for the club’s building.

“With the proceeds from last year’s event we were able to put a new roof on the building,” Hardin said, “and this year we hope to take care of other issues involving the building.”

Tickets are $15 pre-purchased and can be obtained at the Chamber, Dillard’s Lancome counter or Signature Cosmetics in Clovis.

Tickets can also be purchased at the door for $20. Lunch is provided for an extra cost of $5.