Elida coach depending on seniors

PNT staff

Heading into regionals and a possible trip to the state tournament in Albuquerque, Elida girls coach Dan Howard said he is counting on the senior duo of Kodi Armitage and Jewlie Paiz to lead the Lady Tigers on a long run in the playoffs.
“I’m leaning on my two seniors right now,” Howard said. “If you don’t have a little leadership it can be difficult.”
The Lady Tigers (23-2) will face Logan (15-14) in a Class A regional game at 4 p.m. Friday at Elida. Melrose (12-16) faces Grady (17-8) at 7 p.m. also Friday at Elida.
The winners of the two games will earn berths in the state tournament in Albuquerque.
Howard said his seniors act as extra disciplinarians, which will be key if he has to take a bus full of girls on a week long road trip.
“Sometimes the girls can get a little squirrelly,” he said. “And the seniors take care of that.”
Howard said his team took a short-sighted philosophy into all 25 wins, and he does not plan on changing that now.
“To be where we’re at we’ve taken one game at a time,” Howard said. “I feel very good about where we are, we’ve just got to take care of business.”
The Elida coach said the team has had productive practices this week heading into the season’s stretch run.
“We’ve had some pretty good practices,” Howard said. “We try to start strong and finish strong at every practice. I know if we start strong in practice, we’ll start strong in a game.”
Howard said it is a big advantage to host the regionals and he chose to play the earlier game for strategic reasons.
“I just want to take care of business, get it out of the way, then sit back and watch,” he said.