New sports bar planned for Portales

By Tony Parra

“Going to the dog house” may not be so bad starting in late May or early June. That is when Chad Heflin, co-owner, wants to have The Dawg Houze package liquor store open.

Heflin, partner in the business with Susan Hamilton Dick, is helping with the construction of the package liquor store and wants to eventually open a sports bar on the second floor.
“I’m excited about getting it open,” Heflin said. “There’s been a lot of buzz around town about the sports bar and package liquor store.”

The Dawg Houze, which will have a gray Greyhound on the two sides of the building, will be located at 1013 W. Second St., next to the Dollar General store and across from the Subway restaurant.

“We would like to go before the city council for approval on the sports bar,” Heflin said. “There has to be a public hearing on it.”

Heflin said he doesn’t foresee any problems with approval since he and Dick have already met state requirements in order to get a liquor license. A public hearing was held before the city council in April and there was no opposition to the package liquor store.

Heflin said the goal is to open the first floor, the package liquor part of the store in late May or early June. Heflin said he would like to open the second floor for the sports bar portion as soon as possible after the opening of the first floor.

The sports bar portion is designed so that no matter where you are facing you’ll be able to see a sporting event on television, according to Heflin. The second floor also has large glass windows so people can get a view of Portales and if there is a parade going down Second Street.

“I wanted to have a lot of light in the sports bar,” Heflin said. Heflin said there will be smoke filters to take all of the smoke out of the sports bar.

There are holes on the first and second floors of the store/sports bar where the speakers will be. There will even be speakers on the facade so people can listen to the games if they are waiting to enter the store.

Heflin said the plan is to have a greaseless fryer offer food like hot wings, cheese sticks and other appetizers. The store will have cooling units in their coolers to offer, as he said, ‘the coldest beer in town’. The main television on the second floor will be a 72-inch television.

During April’s public hearing, Dick said she wanted the package store to offer upscale beer and wine with a large variety of beers and wines. She said the new package store will have as many beers from microbreweries as they can carry.

The package liquor store on the first floor will have a fountain machine for soda drinks. The front of the main entrance will have a counter on the right side with liquor items behind the counter and on the left side the coolers will have the beer and other cold beverages. There will also be a room that will keep wine chilled.