Letter to the Editor May 14

Attempts to remove Tucker from ballot is ugly politics

What is troubling New Mexico House (District 66) Rep. Keith Gardner and the Chaves County Republican Party bosses? Could it be they are fearful of losing to Rep. Gardner’s primary election opponent Lucille Tucker, a retired Roswell school teacher?
Obviously, they are if their legal wrangling is any indication.
A gang of lawyers sponsored by the Chaves County Republican Party attacked Tucker in Judge Charles Currier’s Fifth District Court trying to discredit her character, claiming criminal intent and petitioning for her removal from the June 6 ballot.
They lost.
Tucker did not use a lawyer and determinedly represented herself.
Incredulous with the initial ruling, they appealed Judge Currier’s decision to the New Mexico Supreme Court. Again, a unanimous ruling was issued by the Court allowing Tucker to remain on the ballot. As before, Tucker did not use a lawyer, purposefully representing herself before the court.
I am disgusted with the ugly politics played by the Chaves County Republican Party. Based on the bullying tactics exhibited in this particular election by the Chaves County Republican Party “leadership” (now that’s an oxymoron), it is no wonder that Chaves County and Southeast New Mexico continue to be chastised by our state government.
I am, however, extremely proud of Tucker’s commitment to remain on the ballot despite the character bashing and harassment she received.
Tucker has won two fights and is going to win the final battle on June 6.
Go get ’em, girl.

Tony Krakauskas