Chamber officials ask for fireworks donations

By Tony Parra: PNT Staff Writer

Firework fund-raising has already started and Roosevelt County Chamber officials are looking to raise enough money to reach their goal of $8,000.

Roosevelt County Chamber Manager Sharon King said as of Thursday they have raised $5,000.

“I’m hoping they will have a really good time,” King said. “Allan (Silvers) did a great show last year and we expect the same quality this year.”

Members of the Lodger’s Tax committee donated $2,000 to fund. The display show will be held July 4 at the Greyhound football practice fields by the Greyhound Arena.
Allan Silvers from Clovis will be conducting the fireworks display again this year.

“Allan is a firefighter and will make all the appropriate arrangements,” King said. “The Portales Fire Department will also be there.”

Portales Fire Department Chief Raul Muniz said firefighters and emergency medical technicians will be on duty. Muniz said firefighters are already on alert because of the drought.
“The population is aware we are going through a drought period,” Muniz said. “We have had a lot of grass fires. We’re (county residents) going to have to be really careful. We are in a state of alert.”

Muniz had advice for individuals who want to ignite fireworks.

“I’d rather they didn’t, but if they decide to, make sure not to do it in a grassy field or by garbage,” Muniz said. “Don’t shoot uncontrollable fireworks into the air. Keep them away from anything flammable.”

Roosevelt County and Portales city officials elected not to place a ban on the sale of fireworks in the county.

According to a county ordinance, fireworks may be sold for retail between June 20 and July 6. Muniz said firework stand operators are required to obtain a permit from the fire department.

According to county documents, firework retailers must pay a specialty retailer license fee of $25 and a retailer permit fee of $10, both of which are non-refundable.