Yucca TeleCom turning on fiber optic network

Bryant Million: PNT Staff Writer

The surf is up in Portales — at least in some places.
Scott Arnold, general manager of Yucca TeleCom, said Friday that the company’s new fiber-optic network was turned on two weeks ago in some locations around Portales. He said that as installation is completed, other areas around the city will be turned on as well.

Arnold said the fiber-optic network is online for businesses around Portales’ main square and for some residents on Avenues A and B.

“We are happy to be able to do this for the city,” Arnold said, “because this is where we are. We are part of this community.”

The fiber-optic network will provide residents and businesses with two megabytes of high-speed Internet connection along with a fiber network phone line, Arnold said. Installation is free.

The monthly cost for connection will be $49.95 for residents and $64.95 for businesses.

Arnold said the advantage is that the optical fibers are not electric so lightning cannot hit the network.

“It is a much cleaner network,” he said.

Yucca Telecom is also holding a weekly drawing where two people who have signed up for the fiber-optic network that week can win $50 each.

Arnold said the $11.3 million project to install the fiber-optic cable throughout Portales started on Jan. 9 and is still on schedule to be completed by Dec. 11.