30th KENW tele-auction looking for weekend rebound

By Paula Cronic: PNT Staff Writer

An autographed football signed by the Indianapolis Colts football team, including Peyton Manning, and a pair of autographed boots signed by EmmyLou Harris are just a few examples of items that have been sold during KENW-TV’s tele-auction.

“Celebrity boards are always really popular. We have various items, some of them are one-of-a kind things that come from movie stars and sports figures,” KENW-TV’s Director of Marketing Sheryl Borden said. “That’s always fun to sell.”

The tele-auction, which is in its 30th year, has raised approximately $20,000, an amount Borden says is $10,000 under where they would like to be.

“We’re not seeing the dollars that we have in the past, but we’re hoping that picks up toward the end of the auction,” Borden said.

The goal for the tele-auction is $75,000 to $80,000. Borden said the more expensive items come up tonight and Saturday. She hopes the auction will average a little more each night.

The showcase item for sale this year is another trip to London. It will sell Saturday and is valued at $5,900.
“This is our fourth year to receive this trip. It’s from the British Tourist Authority and hopefully we’ll be able to sell it again this year,” Borden said.

The bidding for the trip starts at $2,400.

Other items up for sale are smaller vacation trips throughout the state and the rest of the country. Borden said they sell seven of those on average a night. Also furniture, food, bedding, floral arrangements and many other items are still being sold.

In order to bid, callers must have express bid numbers. They are free and can be obtained by calling the station between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

All the funding from the tele-auction goes to KENW-TV.
Duane Ryan is director of the Broadcast Center at Eastern New Mexico University. He said programs such as “Nova” and “Sesame Street” and all other children’s shows are purchased by KENW-TV from the Public Broadcast Service.

“We do get some free programs from the network but by and large, most of the staples that we broadcast all year long we have to pay for,” he said.

The tele-auction airs from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. and ends on Saturday.