June 11, 2006 Portales Junior High News

Portales Junior High students and their families ended the school year with an awards assembly May 22. Principal Steve Harris, teachers, and others recognized students for their hard work throughout the year.

American Legion awards

Webb Hutchins presented the American Legion awards to Kaitlyn Stratton and Timothy Smith. The nominees are selected on the basis of scholarship, attitude, cooperation, leadership, initiative, responsibility, honesty, service, friendliness, appearance and patriotism. The faculty of the school nominates the boys and girls then rates each finalist in the above areas. This honor is recognized as one of the most outstanding awards presented at PJHS. The nominees are Kaitlyn Stratton, LeAnne Blaeser, Marissa Best, Shandi Walker, Matthew Craig, Zach Terry, Raymond Ornelas, and Timothy Smith.

Perfect Attendance awards

Apolonia (P. J.) Carrillo was the only student earning the perfect attendance award. Principal Steve Harris and Assistant Principal Glenda Meeks recognized Carrillo for his and his parents’ dedication to education.


Clyde Hopper award

This prestigious award is selected by coaches and goes to a young female athlete in the eighth grade who has participated in three sports and exhibits outstanding sportsmanship and citizenship in and out of the athletic arena. Jenna Wagner earned the Clyde Hopper award.


Doug Hill Award

Morgan Hill presented the Doug Hill Award to Matthew Craig. This prestigious award is selected by coaches and goes to a young male athlete in the eighth grade who has participated in three sports and exhibits outstanding sportsmanship and citizenship in and out of the athletic arena.


Scholar athletes

The Scholar Athlete Awards recognize male and female students in the seventh and eighth grades in the area of high academic achievement and athletics. Student must have participated in at least two sports and have the highest cumulative grade point average in their current grade. Seventh grade Scholar Athletes are Jamie Bargas, Renee Massey, Justin Burback, Garrett Lee, and Kaci Vigil.

Eighth grade Scholar Athletes are Lindsey Keller, Kaitlyn Stratton, LeAnne Blaeser, Makynsi Whited, Marissa Best, Lindsey Keller, and Michael Lucero.


Rocky Mountain Talent Search awards

Counselor Alan Dodd recognized Gabriel Ayala, Brandon Carter, Connor Chacon, Ethan Evans, Angela Mowrer, and Ryan Wood with the Rocky Mountain Talent Search certificates.


President’s Education awards

Dodd also presented a copy of a letter from President George W. Bush, a pin, and a certificate to the following students: Serena Aranda, Elizabeth Armstrong, Marissa Best, LeAnne Blaeser, Connor Chacon, Kindsey Keller, Royce Main, Kew Mason, Ryan Mitchell, Perla Nunez, Tyler Pratt, Timothy Smith, Kaitlyn Stratton, Jacy Terry, Tatiana Torres, and Christian Townsend.

American Citizenship Awards

This award is sponsored by the National Association of Elementary and Secondary School Principals. To earn this honor, students must always be prepared for class, have homework finished on time, help others, volunteer when needed, always play fair, and treat everyone with respect. These are considered model students who consistently exhibit good character qualities. The lists includes Gabriel Ayala, Michelle Kemp, Alexandre Baca, Jessica Lavalle, Alan Bolstad, Garrett Lee, Clay Bonner, Andrea Martinez, Ashlee Brown, Renee Massey, Ivan Bustamante, Sawyer May, Apolonio Carrillo, Ryan Mitchell, Paul Carrillo, Cree Moore, Brandon Carter, Mariah Olivas, Elizabeth Clubb, Elsa Rubio, Tristan Cottrell, Garima Sahay, Shalisa Davis, Savannah Salas, Ethan Evans, Blanca Selgado, Sonia Fonseca, Dennis Short, Jacob Gomez, Timothy Smith, Katlyn Gore, Kaitlyn Stratton, Emily Griffith, Tori Taylor, Ryan Hay, Tatiana Torres, Kayla Hight, William Van Dam, Jordan Hill, Kacy Vigil, Whitney Jarvis, and Marissa Villegas.

All “A’s” awards

This award is for those students who have earned all A’s for the first three nine-weeks grading periods.

Seventh grade students are Jamie Bargas, Ashlee Brown, Katlyn Gore, Gabriel Ayala, Brandon Carter, William Van Dam, Jacob Gomez, Garrett Lee, Renee Massey, Bradi Carthel, Erik O’Rear, Kacy Vigil, Shelby Lucero, and Isaac Ramirez.

Eighth grade students earning recognition for all A’s are Marissa Best, LeAnne Blaeser, Hannah Herbert, Leandra Montoya, Kaitlyn Stratton, Makynsi Whited, Timothy Smith, Lindsey Keller, Christian Townsend, and Ryan Mitchell.

Sports awards

Eighth grade students earned recognition for their participation in the sports programs. Boys playing three sports are Isidro Duran, Derek Gossett, Colton Haragan, Alfredo Lujan, Eddie Martinez, Saul Ontiveros, Sixto Paiz, Ty Terry, Zach Terry, and Nathan Walker. Girls earning the three-sport honors include Marissa Best, Leandra Montoya, Kaitlyn Stratton, Jenna Wagner, Makynsi Whited, Andrea Brown, LeAnne Blaeser, Kourtnie Coats, Michelle Garcia, Amanda Marquez, and Jacy Terry.

For athletes earning recognition for playing two sports, coaches honored the following boys: Riley Bair, Andres Carbajal, Ramon Carranza, Jeremy Gutierrez, Michael Lucero, Dylan Lujan, Tyler Markle, Justin Perry, Jacob Rutherford, Timothy Sando, Taylor Tallent, and Kevin Welch. Girls earning the two-sport awards are Ashley Hernandez, Krista Martinez, Kayla Roach, Callie Sterling, Shandi Walker, Adriana Calbert, Kaitlyn Johnson, Lindsey Keller, Kayla Martinez, Renee Barker, Brittany Gardner, Katie Montiel, Ashlee Banister, Hanna Herbert, Angela Mowrer, and Samantha Ochoa.

Boys participating in one sport include Brandon Albert, Cameron Carling, Garth Dotson, William Gates, Joe Helak, Derek Hunker, Cameron King, Fernando Lopez, Eric Perry, Russel Rizor, Anthony Sanford, and Andrew Seals. The girls’ list includes Gabby Reyes, Molly Legler, Samantha Montoya, Marissa Castillo, Perla Nunez, Jessica Lester, and Taylor Cage.

Seventh grade boys earning three-sport awards are Garrett Hancock, Jordan Hill, Lathan Lieb, Ian Massey, Keisto Ontiveros, and Andrew Villianueva. Girls with three-sport awards are Brandi Carthel, Megan Chambers, Sarah Christensen, Sierra Duran, Gabby Garcia, Kelly Hook, Megan Lopez, Adriana Marez-Sanchez, Brianna Sigala, Renee Massey, and Amanda Alvarez.

Two-sport award winners for the seventh grade girls are Alexandra Baca, Jamie Bargas, Kaitlyn Nix, Desirie Urioste, Jolisa Carter, Lauren Woodward, Kelly Norman, Ashlee Brown, Kenna Shafer, and Marissa Walker. Boys earning the two-sport awards are Lucas Banda, Justin Burback, Mario Bustamante, P. J. Carrillo, Garrett Lee, Daniel Lopez, Joshua Rodriguez, Anthony Sapp, Dennis Short, Cody Small, and Kacy Vigil.

Seventh grade one-sport awards include Alyssa Hill, Rebecca Cantwell, Savannah Salas, Whitney Jarvis, Samantha Lee, Sarah Quick, Karrime Estrada, Tori Taylor, Joella Goss, Shalisha Davis, Marissa Gallo, Shelby Lucero, and Jade Story for the girls. Boys recognized for one sport are Gabriel Ayala, Clay Bonner, Paul Carrillo, Eduardo Chavez, Jeffery Collins, Tristan Cottrell, Justin Garcia, Danny Gonzales, Santiago Gonzales, Jamaal Howard, Joshua Martinez, and Kendall Moore.


Spanish/English awards

Ruben Tellez, bilingual teacher, presented the awards for outstanding English language achievement. Those students are Elsa Rubio, Diego Vargas, Ivan Bustamante, and Laura Lopez.

Awards for outstanding Spanish language achievement went to Lauren Woodward, Karina Jimenez, Yvette Tarango, Ariana Gonzales, Brandon Carter, Kaitlyn Gore, Jessica Lovalle, Yeraldi Salazar, Ryan Mitchell, Cristian Townsend, Rocio Hernandez, Brittany Gardner, Nick McLean, Ashlee Brown, Shelby Lucero, Desire Urioste, Jacob Gomez, and Meagan Chambers.

Library Aide certificates

Librarian/Teacher Billie Dixon recognized student library aides for their work in keeping library materials and books ready for all students and faculty. Those students include William Brudigam, Mike Bustamante, Danielle Lucero, Terry Carby, Ryan Mitchell, Corina Urioste, Mariah Olivas, Amanda Marquez, Andrew Seales, Zoe Johnson, Monica Lucero, Renee Barker, and Andrea Brown.

Cheerleading awards

Tonya Proctor, cheerleading coach, presented certificates to these students for their year-long commitment to supporting the PJHS athletes: Best Base,Lindsay Keller; Best Jumps,Kaitlyn Johnson; Best Facials, Lauren Woodward; Most Spirited, Andrea Brown; Most Rhythm, Adri Calbert; Best Flyer, Kayla Martinez; Best Back, Makynsi Whited; and Most Shy, Renee Massey.


Choir Awards

Franklin Smith, choir director, acknowledged the accomplishments of the choir programs this year. Special recognition went to Tori Taylor, outstanding seventh grade student; Kew Mason, outstanding eighth grade student; Jessie Terry, outstanding honor choir member; and Charline Gallegoes and Zach Terry for the silent workhorse award.   


Art Awards

Jon Birdsong presented Allison Tsybenko a certificate for outstanding artist. Birdsong stated that other students had been recognized for having drawings published in a national dog coloring book and other students had shown work in a district art show. Additionally students had completed the yearbook which the students at PJH are currently enjoying.

Amanda Burnett, art teacher, presented certificates to the following students:

Ivonne Nunez, Katlyn Gore, Miguel Vasquez, Karina Jimenez, Garrett Lee, Shalisha Davis, Briana Tarango, Corey Glessing, Joshua King, Alan Bolstad, Lauren Woodward, Gabby Garcia, Kelly Norman, Bradi Carthel, Michael Nicholes, Samantha Lee, Manny Fonseca, Sergio Ramos, Ricky Hobbs, Ashlee Brown, Enrique Irigoyen, Raymond Montoya, Andrea Martinez, Araceli Vicuna, Eli Gutierrez, and Devan Chavez,


Student Council Awards

The student representatives in Student Council this year planned and executed some wonderful activities at PJHS. Sponsor Amanda Burnett presented certificates to the following: Danielle Lucero, William Bruedigam, Derek Gossett, Raymond Ornelas, Matthew Poynor, Michele Garcia, Sam Rice, Karina Jimenez, Timothy Brooks, Taylor Cage, Callie Sterling, Nick McLean, Ryan Wood, Alan Bolstad, Travis Stobb, Kaitlyn Johnson, Andrea Brown, Makynsi Whited, Terasa Shirley, Scott Kennedy, Connor Chacon, Isiah Lucero, Adriana Calbert, Leandra Montoya, Hannah Herbert, Timothy Smith, Marissa Best, Megan Lopez, and Jacob Rutherford. Others include Kenna Shafer, Marcos Romero, Elsa Rubio, Jessica McCombs, Stephanie Gallegos, Anthony Sapp, Lindsey Norvell, Michael Banda, Colton Stevens, and Amanda Alvarez.

FFA awards

Eric Greer, Future Farmers’ of America advisor, recognized the following students for their honors in district competitions: Creed Speaking, Terasa Shirley; Livestock Judging,  Johanna Levacy; Dairy Foods, Tony Mendoza and Stephen Phillips; and Top Hand, Molly Legler.


Math, Engineering, and Science Achievement (MESA) awards

Sponsor Shareen King presented certificates to the following Active MESA members: Tanner Ainsworth, Elizabeth Armstrong, Timothy Brooks, William Brudigam, Brandon Carter, Amanda Castaneda, Connor Chacon, Amber Edwards, David Harberts, Alyssa Hill, Jeremy Hilliard, Michelle Kemp, Andrea Martinez, Cree Moore, Michael Nicholes, Bianca Nunez, Sarah Quick, Edgar Rios, Marcos Romero, and Blanca Selgado.

Members who participated part of the year were Sam Rice, Anthony Sapp, and Carlos Duran.

Andrea Martinez received recognition as outstanding seventh grade MESA member while Edgar Rios garnered that award for the eighth grade. Connor Chacon claimed the overall outstanding MESA member certificate.


Band awards

Director Cindy Stone presented certificates to Alex Strong, outstanding brass player; Thomas Watson, outstanding woodwind player, and Scott Kennedy, outstanding percussion player. Michael Lucero earned the Band Spirit Award while Timothy Brooks claimed the Band Exemplar Award.

This year’s Ram Band Award goes to a young man who was voted Outstanding Soloist at solo and ensemble festival, was the only junior high student from Portales selected for the SENMMEA All-District Honor Band. This year’s Ram Band Award goes to Nick McLean.


Drama Awards

Teri Thatcher’s drama classes each presented a full-length play at the end of the year. Based on that and all the other acting exercises they did throughout the year, Thatcher presented awards to the following: Ryan Hay, Bradi Carthel, Jessie Lester, Callie Sterling, Kew Mason, Marissa Calderon, Edgar Rios, Brandon Carter, and Whitney Jarvis.