ENMU sign waiting for bricks

By Paula Cronic: PNT Staff Writer

Construction for the new Eastern New Mexico University sign being built on the corner of South Avenue K and West Second Street will resume after almost a month of being delayed because of a problem with obtaining the correct bricks.

According to Scott Smart, vice president of business affairs at ENMU, anytime something new is built for the campus, ENMU has somewhat of a policy to match the bricks with the other buildings. The brick manufacturing company, however, had to wait until they received enough orders to make the particular batch of bricks needed.

The property, which was donated to the university by Wells Fargo Bank in 2004, was donated for the purpose of establishing some sort of signage for the college at that corner, according to Wells Fargo Banking Manager Albert Flinn.

The lot remained undeveloped and vacant until construction for the sign started at the end of the 2006 spring semester.
“The only thing growing there were weeds and since that is the corner entrance to the campus we thought it would be good to put a sign there and xeriscape the lot to improve the appearance,” Smart said.

The property will be xeriscaped, meaning zero maintenance, with a different array of native plants from around the state that do not require a great deal of water use.

Smart said ENMU has a water savings plan and goal which they plan to implement that will reduce the campus’ water usage by 17 million gallons of water per year.

He also said the bricks have been delivered to the site on and believes construction on the sign should resume within a day or two.

James Chacon, manager of mechanical services at the Physical Plant at ENMU, said the bricks will have to be sorted first. Once the masonry part of the job is finished workers from the physical plant will do the landscaping, which he said should be around the beginning of July.

“Once the sign is completed it should be a really nice addition and attraction to the campus,” Flinn said.

The sign will say “Eastern New Mexico University” and there will be a piece of glass artwork in the circular part of the sign.