McVey joins Central Christian

By Michael Harrell: PNT Staff Writer

David McVey has joined Central Christian Church in Portales as a new pastor this summer.

McVey, 50, moved to Portales with his wife, Lola, and their son from Charleston, W. Va in May. There he was the senior minister for the Kinds Way Christian Church in Nitro, a suburb of Charleston.

“I like Portales a lot. The town seems to be a very positive place. Folks have been very open,” McVey said.

He says he hopes he can encourage people in the community to comfortably seek out and see what Christianity is really about.
“He’s a grass roots kind of pastor minister,” said Buck Wilson, a Central Christian attendee. “An old fashioned good type. The type that gets involved with families.”

Wilson said McVey is a kindly person who preaches straight out of the Bible.

The church’s previous pastor, Allen Conner, moved to Lexington, Ky. to become counselor for a church there. He had received his doctorate in counseling the previous year, according to Wilson.

Central Christian Church went without a pastor for four months until McVey began in June, Wilson said.

McVey has been ministering for most of his life. He has worked in Colorado, Louisiana and West Virginia. This is his first time in New Mexico. In 1996 he graduated from Dallas Christian College where he studied leadership and ministry.

His three children are all graduated from high school.
Their son is living with them until fall when he leaves to Milligan College, a private Christian school in Tennessee.