Clovis American scores 14 runs to beat Roosevelt

PNT Staff

The Clovis American team beat the Roosevelt team Sunday evening in the 13-14 year old bracket of the district’s Little League baseball all-star tournament.

Rachel Kia, the president of the Little League Board, said the final score was 14-4. Roosevelt was eliminated from the tournament due to the loss.

“It was just one of those days where nothing was really going right for us,” said Scooter Rutherford, the coach of Roosevelt’s team. “We just couldn’t get it together.”

He said Clovis was able to score five runs in the first inning. Roosevelt was able to hold Clovis during the second, third and fourth, but Clovis scored more throughout the fifth and sixth.

“Their (Clovis) pitcher pitched a really good game. We were able to get some hits in, but it just wasn’t enough.”

Roosevelt managed to score two runs in the second inning and three in the top of the fifth.
Rutherford said at one point during the game it looked as if Roosevelt might be able to step up to the competition, but the rally didn’t continue and it all went downhill for them after that.
“They (Roosevelt team) were pretty broken up about it. We were looking to go a lot further, but nothing went right for us.”
He said some of the players from the team will go on to play baseball for Portales High School’s junior varsity team, but others likely won’t return to the baseball diamond until next year’s Little League season.