“… Working on dreams in the streets of Portales …”

By Paula Cronic: Freedom Newspapers

At a time in his life when people around him were moving on from college and graduation was sneaking up on him, singer and songwriter Andy Mason wrote what would eventually become Portales’ theme song.

During one night in May of 2003, Mason took his guitar over to a friend’s house to play some tunes and enjoy time with friends who would soon be graduated and gone.

As he walked home from the gathering, Mason began playing his guitar and started thinking of the city of Portales and all it meant to him.

“It was kind of dusk outside and I was looking over at the water tower, it was lit up by the baseball field and I just started thinking about how I’m going to graduate in a year,” Mason said.

‘I’m working on my dreams in the streets of Portales’ is a line in the song which reflects those thoughts he had about achieving his goals while living in Portales.

Originally recorded by Mason as an acoustic song, fellow band mate Joshua Belter and Mason decided to take the song into the studio and re-recorded it adding harmonies, synthesizers and drums.

The two make up the duo called “Fast Time Constant,” which they started 15 years ago when Mason and Belter met in 1991. They quickly began singing and playing the guitar and soon realized their individual sounds blended well together and thus formed FTC.

Even though Belter has since moved to Raleigh, N.C. the two still manage to record when they get together. Mason, who still resides in Portales, visits Belter during certain designated times throughout the year.

“Music for both of us is just a release,” Belter said.

After playing the song for the Roosevelt County Chamber of Commerce two months ago, they acquired 50 copies from Mason. He said they will be using the song to put into their promotional packages which they send to people interested in moving to Portales.

“It’s become a theme song for the city and we’re so proud of that,” Belter said.

For now, FTC is working to put together their second studio released album titled “I Don’t Know,” which will also contain “Streets of Portales.”

The song has enjoyed some local radio air-play which is a huge step for the duo.

“If people like the song we need them to call the radio stations and request it and get into the rotation regularly,” Mason said.

Their new album is scheduled for release in either late fall 2006 or spring 2007.

More information about the band, as well as clips of songs can be found on their Web site at www.fasttimeconstant.com