Lindsey to prepare middle-schoolers for world of responsibility

By Helena Rodriguez: Freedom Newspapers

Sixth-graders will enter a world of more independence as they begin at Lindsey Middle School on Tuesday, but with that independence will also come responsibility and accountability.

Lindsey Middle School Principal Rick Segovia said, “Middle schoolers are at that age where they can keep up with their homework in the evenings and bring it back to school, be prepared and be on time. This year they are going to notice that they are going to be working a lot more independently. With that comes responsibility and accountability.”

As they learn to become more responsible and accountable, Segovia, who is beginning his third year at Lindsey, said the school will focus on improving students’ reading and mathematical skills.

Segovia added, “It is always one of our goals to increase parent participation and involvement. We have pack meetings and parent advisory council meetings which we invite our parents to be a part of so they can help make decisions for our school.”

Parents can begin by attending the school’s open house from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Monday at Lindsey. Parents and students will have an opportunity at that time to tour the school and visit with teachers.

“Our students rotate from class to class, so they will have six teachers. They can come and get familiar with the teachers and our building,” he said.

Segovia said that Lindsey has a couple of new teachers this school year, including a new music teacher, Ian Johnson, who will offer a new class in guitar.