Village of Dora granted new water tower

By Casey Peacock: PNT Staff Writer

There’s a new look to the Village of Dora.

Standing against the skyline, just east of the Dora Church of Christ, is the new water tower.

Completed in July, the tower stands approximately 110 feet tall and holds 93,000 gallons of water. The capacity of the old tower was 25,000 gallons.

“Our old tower had some deficiencies. It had been erected in 1963. It just needed to be replaced,” said Becky Fraze, Village of Dora clerk.

Dora’s share of the $317,323 tank was $16,523, according to a press release from the Village of Dora.The remainder of the money came from a Community Development Block Grant and New Mexico Special Appropriations Program.

The old tank was set up high on a platform, in order to provide water pressure. The new tank is a long cylindrical shape that provides pressure with the added benefit of having the capacity to hold more water.

“The condition of the existing overhead tank was our concern,” Dora Mayor Mickey Burkett said.

The old tank had several leaks that needed to be addressed. An engineer hired by the Village of Dora advised that it would be best if the village followed through and put in a new tank, said Burkett.
Though the new tower stands the same height as the old tower, it will hold two and a half times more water than the previous tank could. The tower will supply water to the Village of Dora and Dora schools.

“We’ve been told that many of the users’ water pressure has been better,” Fraze said.

Other additions that came with the project included a fire hydrant, which will allow the Dora Fire Department to access the stored water faster in the event of an emergency. A chlorination system was also added, something that Dora has never had before, Fraze said. Demolition of the old tower was also included in the project, Fraze said.

Burkett said the new water tower will provide the Village of Dora with water for many years to come.

“We will have more water stored for firefighting,” Burkett said.