Aug. 27, 2006 Portales Junior High School News

By Billie Dixon

Student council reps elected for each grade
Monday each first period class will elect their student council representative. Sponsor Amanda Burnett encourages students to consider running for the four student council offices. Each office will be co-chaired by one boy and one girl for the entire year.

Fund-raiser meeting held for school improvement
Students met Wednesday to learn about the fundraiser for the Portales Junior High School Improvement Fund. Money raised will benefit all student activities and all classrooms. Principal Steve Harris said he urges the community to support the students as they take orders. No money will be collected until the merchandise arrives toward the end of September.
Labor Day means no school at PJHS Sept. 4
Students and school personnel will be out of school Sept. 4 for Labor Day.

Seventh-grade students to be issued laptops
Teachers are now receiving training for using the computers in their various curriculums. Later in September or early in October, the technology department will have a student and parent orientation about the responsibilities and privileges of using the computers. Shortly after that, each seventh-grade student will receive a laptop computer to use for school assignments and research.

Student safety stressed with high traffic areas
Principal Steve Harris asks those transporting students to pick up or drop off students only in the curved drop-off area. Some drivers are stopping in the middle of the street and expecting students to run through traffic to reach their destinations. This is absolutely unsafe for the students, and it ties up traffic much more than driving through the loop, Harris said. If parents wish to park near the softball field, students should use one of the two crosswalks to reach the parking lot.

Football, volleyball teams set to kick off seasons
Football kicks off Thursday. The eighth grade team plays in Ruidoso while the seventh-grade hosts the Warriors. The home game will be a fifth-quarter game.
Also on Thursday all four of the volleyball teams travel to Clovis to play Yucca. Action will be in both gyms beginning at 4 p.m.