Cannon airman to stand trial

Freedom Newspapers

An airman charged with murdering his wife will stand trial, according to a press release from Cannon Air Force Base.

Airman Edward Novak II is charged with premeditated murder and child abuse by the military.

The decision came after a June evidentiary hearing was held at Cannon to determine if evidence against Novak warranted a trial.

The 12th Air Force commander has referred the case for a general courts-martial, the release said.

The role of the 12th Air Force commander in the process was to review recommendations stemming from the hearing, officials have said.

An arraignment and motion hearing will be held Sept. 7 at Cannon, according to the release.

Novak has been held in confinement at Cannon since he was charged March 21.

Kimberly Novak, 20, was found dead Oct. 28, 2004, in the upstairs bathroom of a military housing unit she shared with her husband and infant daughter.

Military officials said she died of blunt force trauma to the head and neck.

Novak was later charged because of inconsistent statements he made to investigators, officials said.

He could face the death penalty of convicted.