Workshop outlines retail recruiting

By Casey Peacock: PNT Staff Writer

City of Portales officials along with other entities concerned with economic development are contemplating whether or not to become more proactive in recruitment of retail business for Portales.

At a workshop the city hosted Thursday at the Portales City Hall, Joe Fackel, a representative with the Buxton Company of Fort Worth, Texas described the work his company could possibly do to identify businesses that would be a good match for the community’s needs.

The workshop was an initial presentation to provide information about the Buxton Company and it’s program to various members of the community and determine if this is a program that will be pursued in the future, say city officials. They say if the idea sounds feasible, the city would likely consider other companies as well before making a decision.

According to City Manager Debi Lee, the Buxton recommendations would be based on three criteria:
-Retail site assessment.
-Identification of retail matches for sites.
-Assembly of individual marketing packages for each targeted retailer.

Buxton’s research would include retail site, trade area, household overlay, potential customers and demographics as well consumer buying habits and driving habits. That information would be used to determine the community’s retail needs.

Buxton officials would make initial contacts with identified retailers, and the city will make the next contact, according to Portales Mayor Orlando Ortega.

“I was very impressed with the presentation,” Ortega said. “We’re looking at many ways to improve and grow our community.”

According to Ortega, it’s a challenge to find and bring retail business to the community and replace them when they leave or close down. He says the Buxton program would possibly work well for the community by finding the right businesses for the community while working to protect the existing businesses.

“My goal is to grow our community, meet the everyday needs of our citizens,” Ortega said.