Letter to the Editor: Bush Administration must be stopped

It has to be said: This administration is rapidly palpably losing whatever might be left of its collective grip on reality.

The last efforts by Cheney, Rumsfeld and others to paint dissenters as, again, unpatriotic appeasers is both laughable and sickening. The good news is that most of us aren’t buying it anymore. But the bad news is that most of us aren’t absolutely outraged at the illegal and immoral things our government is doing in our name.

We, that is the American government and the corporations who call most of the shots, are an imperialist, conquering nation now seen by most people of the modern world as a killing machine about to be out of control.

But of course we’re already out of control and just getting started.

In the name of our own deepest values, we must stop this.

In the name of the judgment of history, we must stop this.

In the name of humanity, we must stop this.

Kirby Rowan