Hospital announces large August profit

PNT Staff

Roosevelt General Hospital administration reported a huge profit for the month of August during the regular board meeting Tuesday. Board members also discussed improved helicoper transport service and the addition of a new MRI.

The hospital announced a profit for the month of August of over $96,000.
Hospital CFO Eva Stevens said the hospital typically generates monthly profits of up to $25,000.

Stevens attributes the big month to an increase across the board in out-patient services, including lab and X-ray services as well as emergency room visits.

“We are pleased to show that kind of profit,” Stevens said. “Generally we don’t do this well, hopefully it’s the beginning of a trend.”
In the month of August, the hospital saw 779 patients, admitted 71, and transferred 32, according to Stevens.

The hospital also announced that Aerocare, a helicopter transport service, will be based in Clovis 12-hours per day.

“If somebody has an emergency, rather than us calling a helicopter (in Lubbock) and taking them 40 minutes to fly from Lubbock to pick up the patient, plus the forty minutes back to Lubbock, (with the helicopter) based in Clovis, they are here just very quickly, within just a few minutes to pick up the patient to take them to Clovis, so it essentially saves that 30 minutes for the helicopter to get here in order to transport a patient from our hospital to the Lubbock hospital,” Stevens said.

The hospital adminstration also informed the board that they have secured a contract for a new building to house the hospital’s MRI unit. The contract is with Fry Construction out of Carrollton, Texas. Plans are to have the building ready and the unit installed and in working order in November.

Stevens also said that the internal medicine group headed by Dr. Bruce Owens will be moving from its current location on 17th Street into the medical office building attached to Roosevelt General Hospital Oct. 1.