Q&A with Billy Cathey

Editor’s note: The following is a profile and Q&A with Billy Cathey, Republican candidate for Roosevelt County Commision. He faces Democratic candidate Charles D. Bennett in the November General Election for the seat currently held by Tom Clark. A profile on Bennett will appear in a coming issue of the PNT.

Name: Billy B. Cathey

Age: 45

Family: Joeli Cathey, four children and one grandchild, two children and one grandchild at home, two grown

Political experience: Dora Fire Department and Dora city council

Professional: Own and operate Bill’s Welding in Dora

Q. Why are you running for county commissioner?

A. “I just want to help the community. I feel like I know a lot of people in the rural areas as well as the community. I have experience as a volunteer for the Dora Fire Department and substitute school bus driver, Dora city council and a trustee for the electric co-op. I have enough experience to help the community and county well.”

Q. What is the biggest challenge currently facing the county?

A. “Roads are always a big thing, we need to do some work at the fairgrounds, and I think water is something to look into. Some type of dump ground instead of paying and using Clovis’. I am not sure of the cost for this but it is worth looking into.”

Q. What is your vision for the types of projects the county should be undertaking?

A. “I have to work with the other commissioners and city council and try to figure out what problems there may be, and then work together and try to make it all work.”

Q. How would you seek to address tight legislative funding in a time when our county is expected to grow?

A. “I would like for our county to look into applying for grants. We would have to hire someone who knows how to do that, not a full-time position but per hour. For specific projects and (we should) have a good relationship with our congressman for funding out here.”

Q. Describe how you will approach interaction with citizens in your district and county staff.

A. “I am hoping to get the word out that people can call me or come by my place of business to voice concerns, and I will get with other commissioners and solve the problem.”