Halloween tips listed

Compiled by Casey Peacock

The PNT spoke with Capt. Lonnie Berry of the Portales Police Department regarding safety on Halloween night.

Q. What are the best hours for children to be out trick-or-treating?
A. “We would like for them to go about 5:30 p.m. or so, to give the five o’clock traffic time to die down. Younger children are especially encouraged to go between 5:30 and 7 p.m.. We try to get them out before it’s dark, with as many daylight hours as possible.”

Q. What are safety measures that children should follow while out trick-or-treating?
A. “The most important thing is to stay in neighborhoods that you are familiar with. Also, stay with parents, no running back and forth across the street, and cross in one spot, and be aware.”

Q. What are some precautions that parents should take to ensure the safety of their children while out trick-or-treating?
A. “The best solution is to take kids only to places you’re familiar with.”

Q. What are some general “rule of thumb” safety issues that should be followed by everyone that is out on Halloween night?
A. “Watch for kids around you. Another is, if they bring candy that is unwrapped, throw it away. It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

Q. What are signs that a child/children should stay away from a home while they are out trick-or-treating?
A. “If the lights are off. This is the universal sign to not be bothered.”

Q. How should parents and children travel while they are out trick-or-treating?
A. “The best thing is for parents to walk along with children and watch the kids as they approach the residence.”