Stanfield returns to Portales for charity concert

By Ashley Lee: PNT Staff Writer

Singer, songwriter and recording artist Jana Stanfield sponsors a charity concert each year in Portales to raise money for children to attend muscular dystrophy camp.

The Clovis native attended Yucca Junior High School and graduated from Clovis High School. She attended Eastern New Mexico University and received a distinguished alumni award.

Her video is posted at — “whwhw” she said stands for “women helping women help the world.” The Nov. 18 concert in Portales is her last this year before she begins her travels around the world.

Q: What was the strongest musical influence in your life?
A: My parents. The Stanfield family is a very musical family. Everyone sings, so at family gatherings we break out and sing. Singing is not something that our family teaches us to do; it is just something that comes naturally. My mom always says, “Music is not meant to be perfect; it is meant to be fun.” I have been singing since I was 3 years old. My dad has tapes of my sister and (me) singing when we were very young. My father is a guitar player, singer, songwriter, and my mother is a piano teacher and she teaches music.

Q: What is the style of music you sing?
A: It is inspirational music. It is unique and I call it heavy-MENtal or psycho-therapy you can dance to.

Q: What is the main message of your music?
A: Life is good, people are good, God is good.

Q: Why do you choose to come to Portales for an annual concert, and how many times have you returned?
A: One of my favorite cousins lives in Portales, and she organizes the concert every year through her church, and I love her church. I do it for love of my cousin, Judy Hall, love of her church, which sponsors the concert and love of raising money for muscular dystrophy. I think we have done this concert for the last five years or so.

Q: How did you become involved with the
Muscular Dystrophy Association?
A: I was asked to do a concert at Camp John Marc, which is a muscular dystrophy camp in the
Dallas-Fort Worth area, and I fell in love with the kids. So I have been involved for eight years. I have also done the Jerry Lewis annual Labor Day telethon. I like to perform there but my favorite part is hanging in the makeup room and watching others get their makeup done.

Q: Where does your inspiration for your music come from?
A: I originally wanted to be a social worker or a missionary, and this music is my way of being helpful in the world.

Q: What advice would you give to people on succeeding in life?
A: Believe that you are here to do great things. All great things are possible if you help make them possible, and keep taking steps every day in the direction of your goals.

Q: What is your favorite music to listen to when you are relaxing?
A: I enjoy music of Tim Bays, (whose material) can be found at He has a new CD that just came out that makes me laugh, especially the song “Momma You are too Old for a Tattoo.”

Q: What is your latest music project about?
A: My latest project is a “Live at Carnegie Hall” CD, which (was) released Nov. 6. One of the things exciting about the CD is that lots of relatives from New Mexico and Texas came to New York. One of the songs that I performed called “Asking for Grace” was written by Portales High School graduate Deanna Walker … and I am really proud of the CD.