Holiday showcase held in Portales

By Casey Peacock: PNT Staff Writer

Festooned with Christmas decorations, intermingled with family photographs and items from her home, Roosevelt County Home Economist Connie Moyers set the stage for her program, “A Christmas to Remember”, held on Monday at the Memorial Building.

Showcasing projects that utilize unique ways to use family photos and preserve memories, Moyers has spent the past several months and many long nights putting together the program, she said. Inspired by the boxes of photos from five generations of family, she has found and made many of the items that were in the program, said Moyers.

“I have so many family memory things and photos that I would like to do something with,” said Moyers.

Using photographs of her parents and her husband’s parents, Moyers has created a quilt that follows the beginning of Moyers family, from past to present. A unique twist to the quilt is the backing that is newspaper print that spans the era featured on the quilt. Matching pillows, made by Moyers’ mother-in-law complement the quilt and carry on the theme.

“Not only do I have old things, I have the latest technology,” said Moyers.

Combining photos and stories, Moyers has created custom albums for her family. Copying original written recipes, Moyers has also created an ongoing cookbook, that continues to capture more of her family history.

“It’s important to journal and write down the things that have happened,” said Moyers.

Stressing the importance of preserving family photos and memories, Moyers continued to show some of the other items that she has crafted. Made from simple things, such as paper sacks and index cards, the items can be personalized to fit a theme or personality. Embellished with ribbons and buttons or other items, the albums can be used for gifts or just to display, said Moyers.

After the program, audience members were invited to browse and look at the items. As the audience mingled, they talked about the items and what they could do with their own photos. Speaking with Moyers, many of the attendees told her that they were inspired and ready to go home and start on their own projects, she said.

“It was great, I’m glad that people came out and enjoyed it,” said Moyers.
Attendee Tammy Phillips, liked many of the ideas that Moyers presented. Stating that her family liked to do art and craft projects, Philips is already looking into trying a few of the ideas for Christmas presents, she said.

“I thought she had a good variety of things, from the more complex to simple stuff,” said Phillips.

Not knowing what to expect from the program, Laurie Haynie, from Clovis, is ready to go home and start working on Christmas projects.

Watching the program has given her a new perspective on making gifts from the heart and not going out and spending so much money on gifts, she said.

“It makes you think about the spirit of Christmas,” said Haynie.