Subdivision gets first tenant

By Casey Peacock: PNT Staff Writer

Despite the sounds of construction, the new Foxtrail Estates subdivision’s first tenant was scheduled to move into one of the newly completed luxury townhouses this weekend.

Consisting of three styles of homes, the Portales subdivision will cater to business professionals and young couples who need a place to stay for a temporary period of time, said Larry Combs, owner and developer. The homes will be maintenance free, so tenants will not have the added worry of upkeep, said Combs.

Situated on 10 acres, off of 22nd Street on the south side of Portales, the homes will be in a walled community, in order to provide as much privacy as possible, said Combs. A graduated fence will be at the entrance, while a six-foot fence will surround the whole subdivision.
Each home will have a private back yard, which will extend off the main fence, said Combs.

“It’s all going to be fenced, but not gated,” said Combs.

Named for the animal that was seen on the property when Combs was purchasing it, the Foxtrail Estates will be fully landscaped. Combs has plans to xeri-scape the front of the yards and build a five-foot riverbed that will run through the subdivision. Grass and sod will be laid in the backyards, which will allow a place for kids to play, said Combs.

“I do know there is a need for upscale housing with no maintenance,” said Combs.

Future tenants Gary and Jonel Musgrave are getting ready to move into one of the executive two bedroom homes. According to Jonel, the couple sold their home in anticipation of her husband’s retirement, at Eastern New Mexico University. The home has sold quickly and the Musgraves will be moving to Foxtrail Estates until retirement, she said.

After going out and looking at the homes, the Musgraves made the decision to move out to the Foxtrail Estates based on the fact that the homes were so nice. Jonel listing the reasons they made the decision, said the homes are attractive and have nice features, such as a roomy kitchen and are all on one level.

“We’re very happy that our home sold and that we have a nice place to live,” said Jonel.

Each home will have granite countertops, built-in electric fireplaces and lots of storage. Stainless steel appliances and washers and dryers, are also included in the lease of the homes. The homes are being decorated in gray and earthtone colors, said Combs.

Street lights, like those on the Portales square will be installed between each of the duplexes. Plans are to install benches under some of the lights so that residents can sit out and enjoy the day or visit with neighbors, said Combs.

The first phase of the development includes six units. Combs says those should be finished by the end of the year and the next phase should start in weeks.

Combs says he feels there will be an explosion of growth in Portales in the coming years and with that an increased need for quality housing.
“I think you’ll see Portales grow in the next 10 years,” said Combs.
Combs has begun to put in motion another subdivision that will cater to single-family homes. The new subdivision will be located next to the Western Skies Division, west of ENMU. Ranging from 1,400 to 2,000 square feet, the subdivision will house 57 units and construction is expected to start in 2008, said Combs.

Combs says the Foxtrail homes are being leased faster than they can be built. The project itself, has gone pretty smooth and the city and neighbors have been supportive of the new subdivision, he said.