House of love

By Casey Peacock: PNT staff writer

As the holidays roll around, many families celebrate with traditions, love and togetherness. But some children do not know what the joy of a holiday can be.

Portales resident and deputy city clerk Veda Urioste is hoping to bring more joy into the lives of her four foster children. The adoption of the children is in the final stages, and the children can now call themselves Uriostes, she said.

“They were wonderful this morning. I think they felt it was finalized,” said Urioste.
She has fostered children for the past five years. The children have become an important part of her life. The two sisters came into her home almost three years ago. The two brothers soon followed. With a grown daughter she raised herself, Urioste is now the single mother of five children, she said.

“It’s a big step for me. I’ve had them (the children) for so long, I felt like they were already mine. This (the adoption) just finalized it,” said Urioste.

Urioste wanted to become a teacher and work with children. Though things did not turn out as planned, Urioste felt that she could help by becoming a foster parent, she said.

“I have the time, I’m still young, why not help those who are already here?” said Urioste.

Being a foster parent can be rewarding. On the downside, it can also be emotionally draining. Many of the children do not know how to love or be loved. They also do not know how to be caring. Being a temporary guardian to the children does not stop you from loving them, said Urioste.

“It’s rewarding, but it’s hard also,” said Urioste.

Showing affection to her kids is an important thing for Urioste. Raised in a large loving family, Urioste hopes to create that with the newly adopted children. When the children first came to live with her, they were not able to show much love or affection. Since coming into the Urioste home and family, that has changed. The adoption has also confirmed that love, she said.

“It was great for me (Thursday) knowing the feeling of permanency was there and the closure,” said Urioste.

Growing up, the Urioste family had more love than presents to go around at Christmas. That is another thing that Urioste hopes to impart and share with her children.

Worries and concern were felt by her parents, Louis and Molly Urioste, of Portales, when the children entered into the lives of their daughter and her family. The decision for their daughter to adopt four children has been her determination, said Molly Urioste.

“She was just so determined to do it,” said Molly Urioste. “Veda loves children and the family has come to accept the decision and embrace the children. The children are attached to Veda and they already call her mom. They call me a grandma too.”
When the occasion arises, the Uriostes pitch in to help their daughter with the children. If they need to be picked up from school or taken places, they will take them. They also baby-sit from time to time, when needed, according to the Uriostes.

Urioste said Friday she was looking forward to sharing Santa Claus and the magic of Christmas with her children, but she also wants to share with them the love and family togetherness that were such a part of her growing up, she said.

“We had enough love growing up, that meant more than any gifts,” said Urioste.