God’s surprises surround us

By Joan Clayton : Religion Columnist

Every day God sends beautiful gifts just waiting for us to open. They are wonderful little surprises and unless we are tuned in, these blessings will go unnoticed.

I’ve discovered 10 ways to receive blessings but there are many more.

1. Have childlike faith. Children do not sweat life and they certainly don’t sweat the big stuff. Children abandon themselves to life. We can too. When our youngest son rode down the hall on a gurney to have a tonsillectomy, he waved his hand and said, “Bye Daddy. Bye Mommy. I’ll see you in a minute.” Lane didn’t know the pain awaiting him, but he had no fear because he knew he would not be left alone. He knew how much he was loved.

Is it not the same with us? We may have painful times but we are God’s children. Our heavenly Father loves us even more and he never abandons his children.

2. See with your heart. My Aunt Mary lived to be 92 years young. Although legally blind, she still found joy in simple things. We had gone for a drive, and when we returned she suddenly exclaimed, “Look at that tree over there with its beautiful fall colors.”

“Aunt Mary, can you see that tree?” I gasped.

“Not with my eyes, but there are things God shows you with the heart.”

Aunt Mary experienced one of God’s wonderful surprises. You and I see with our eyes, but with a little sensitivity, we can see with our heart too, and that brings many surprise blessings.

3. Listen with your heart. I am convinced the Holy Spirit enables us to listen with the heart. At times I experience “writer’s block.” It is then I must listen with my heart if I am going to hear that gentle whisper.

4. Realize love has no boundaries. Those special little blessings only come through unselfish love and acceptance without a thought of being reciprocated.

5. Live in the “now.” Two of the worst words in the English language are, “What if…” With God all things are possible. Live in the now and tomorrow will take care of itself.

6. Look on the bright side. Pessimism blocks God’s wonderful surprises. I think pessimism is a joy stealer. God’s children know the best is yet to be. Jesus has given us everything that pertains to life and godliness. Let’s live life with gusto.

7. Expect the best. Do you pray expecting the best? Do you really believe? When our children requested something from their daddy, they didn’t waver around in doubt. Their daddy had promised. Our heavenly father does the same.

8. Do something for someone else. The blessings you give to others returns to you. Doing for someone else puts you on the receiving end.

9. Give yourself away. Be a blessing gift to everyone you meet today. “Do not be interested only in your own life, but be interested in the lives of others” (Philippians 2:4 NCV).

10. Start and end your day with prayer. This not only starts your day right and ends your night right, but it keeps your focus on Jesus. It will enable you to receive and recognize the many surprise blessings God has in store.

Try these 10 simple techniques. You will be totally surprised at the results. Joy will fill your life and you will find many blessings to be grateful for.

Look for God’s wonderful surprises today.

They are all around you.