Feb. 8, 1978

Friends and relatives gathered Sunday in the Frank Greathouse home to share a traditional turkey dinner and birthday cake with Frank Greathouse, Sr., on his 85th birthday. Those coming from Texas were Mr. amd Mrs. Randy Mason, Tammi and Gwendolyn, Midland; Mr. amd Mrs. Kevin Dickson and Cody; Mr. amd Mrs. Jim Wilkerson; Paul Dickson, Deanne Dickson and Mark, and Braxton Greathouse, all from Lubbock; MR. and Mrs. Ronald Dickson and Phobie and Coby, Clovis; Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Greathouse, Portales; Rev. and Mrs. Andy Husted and sons, Heath and Travis, and Debbie Cannon, Elida. From Portales were Mr. and Mrs. Keith Greathouse and Jene; Kandie Elliot, Susan Belcher, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Greathouse, Jr.