Portales launches pet program

By Casey Peacock: PNT Staff Writer

The city of Portales animal shelter has developed a new system of reuniting lost pets and owners.

Working in conjunction with the Portales News-Tribune and KSEL radio, the shelter will make daily public service announcements about lost and located pets.

“It’s another way to find a pet,” Senior Animal Control Officer Wally Chambers said.
Forms to describe pets will be available at the animal shelter, PNT and KSEL.

The PNT will be able to place a free lost-and-found pet ad in its classified section for five days, PNT Classified Ad Manager Leslie Nagy said. The paper for years gave away three-day pet ads. This agreement with the city expands that time frame.
KSEL will announce the information during the morning show, according to station co-owner Steve Rooney.

“We’re trying to make it easier for people to get the info out to help people get their pets back,” said Portales’ Quaylene Parkey, who helped launch the new program.

At a glance

Once an animal is captured by animal control, the owners have three days to claim the animal. When the three days are up, animals who are deemed adoptable are then placed up for public adoption. For more information, contact the Portales Animal Shelter at 356-4404.