McAlister says goodbyes

By Casey Peacock: PNT Staff Writer

To honor his more than 22 years of service as the Roosevelt County Extension Agent, family and friends gathered on Saturday to pay tribute to Floyd McAlister during a retirement reception.

“He’s just a wonderful person to work with,” said Connie Moyers, Roosevelt County Home Economist.

Moyers, who has worked with McAlister for the past 10 years and has known him for several more, went on to say that McAlister is a supportive and caring person who is honest and steady in his life.

“He’s somebody that everybody looks up to,” Moyers said.

During an emotion-filled presentation, McAlister received many tokens of appreciation from the various organizations that he has been involved with over the years.

Longtime friends and fellow New Mexico Ag Expo committee members Chester and Cindy Harth asked that McAlister allow them the honor of presenting him a token of appreciation..
“I want to thank everyone in the county I’ve worked with. I can’t believe how fast the time has flown,” McAlister said, during the brief presentation.
During the course of the reception, it was evident the impact McAlister has had on the community and the lives that he has touched throughout his career.

“People asked me, what are you going to say?,” said son Wayne McAlister. “What it really boils down to is he loves his job and he’s good at it, and I’m proud of him.”

Long-time friend Sammy Owings of Lubbock was on hand for the reception. Both McAlister and Owings attended school at Floyd and have maintained a close friendship.

“I think that it’s great that the people came out and honored him. He’s my best friend,” Owings said.

As a tribute to McAlister, who has a great love for trains, the Clovis Area Train Society came in and set up a portion of their model trains for the crowd to enjoy.

McAlister has been an active member of the train club since they first set up a display at the Roosevelt County Fair about five years ago, said club vice president Greg Jennings.

Ownings summed up what McAlister has meant to him over the years.
“In life, you have many good friends, but you only have one great friend, and Floyd is that friend,” Owings said.