Graduation ‘bittersweet’ for Clovis Christian seniors

By Helena Rodriguez: Freedom Newspapers

With boys robed in blue and gold gowns and girls in white, 17 students graduated from Clovis Christian School on Friday night.
The commencement ceremony, which also featured students carrying yellow roses for their moms, was held in the sanctuary of the private school.

“This is bittersweet,” said CCS graduate Joy Swann. “I’m excited because I’m graduating, but sad because I have to grow up.”
Swann, who plans to study interior design and business at Eastern New Mexico University, has attended Clovis Christian since second grade.

During a brief speech to her class, valedictorian Lanita Isbell said of her fellow graduates, “You will break the mold and leave impressions wherever you go.”

The CCS Class of 2007’s theme was “Never say never,” and in a commencement speech, CCS teacher Chris Amaral told students to never go anywhere without their Bibles.

“Include God in everything you do; be a living witness for Christ and take a Bible with you everywhere,” Amaral said.

In his upbeat speech, Amaral told students, “Although you’ve learned so much, you have also challenged us as faculty, challenged us to care when sometimes you didn’t care about yourselves … and you have made us better teachers.”

Amaral also told the graduates one of the best ways to be successful is to learn from their mistakes.

“Neither you nor I can do things alone,” he said. “All of the choices that you make will need God’s approval. Until now, most of you have had mom, dad or grandma to tell you what to do and when to do it, when to throw the trash, now it is up to you.”

“I can tell you this, it doesn’t get any easier from here, but it does get more fulfilling,” Amaral said.