Film boot camp provides students with practical experience

By Casey Peacock: PNT Staff Writer

Portales High School student Isiah Lucero had the opportunity to spend a week on the University of New Mexico campus attending the Film and Media Bootcamp.

“I enjoyed it a lot. Everything was planned out really good,” Lucero said of the boot camp.

Lucero, who will be a sophomore in the fall, was the only student to attend the film and media boot camp from eastern and southern New Mexico, said Leonard Madrid, on-site coordinator for the group.

The boot camp is an opportunity for the students to learn the basics of filmmaking. During the boot camp they receive instruction from working and professional filmmakers, Madrid said.

“It was a week-long intensive where New Mexico students where trained in filmmaking,” Madrid said.

Lucero, who is interested in becoming a filmmaker has spent time filming skaters. Something that he will continue to do, utilizing the skills he learned at the boot camp. He also has future plans to pursue filmmaking as a career, he said.

“It would be a pretty awesome job to go into,” Lucero said.

New Mexico is seeing an influx of several filmmaking groups moving in to shoot films.

“The fact that the film industry is moving to# New Mexico in large numbers allows the students to get involved, not just (as part of) the workforce,” Madrid said.

The first part of boot camp focuses on students learning the process of filmmaking and what is involved. During the second part of the boot camp, the students are able to shoot and produce their own film, Madrid said.

Lucero was able to work on filming a documentary on the UNM campus about dorm conflicts. The project incorporated everything from writing the script to editing and presenting the final project, he said.

“We had one day to film and two days to edit,” said Lucero.

One of the things that Lucero learned at boot camp was that movies are not made in chronological order. The scenes are filmed at different times and then they are all put together in the end, he said.

Lucero also had the opportunity to visit the set of the ABC Family drama “Wildfire,” which was being filmed in Bernallio, he said.

“It was pretty crazy. It was pretty neat,” Lucero said of visiting the set.