Storm skips around county

By Karl Terry: PNT Managing Editor

Portales received a drenching afternoon rain that left streets running full Thursday while farmers in the outlying communities reported little or no rain.

The measurement at the National Weather Service reporting station at KENW-TV showed .60 inches at 5:30 p.m. Other reports in Portales ranged up to .75 inches though.

“We were out monitoring things, but we didn’t have any problems,” said Capt. Lonnie Berry of the Portales Police Department.

The rain came quickly in the mid-afternoon with very little lightning or wind and no hail.

Rick Ledbetter, who farms sorghum silage and peppers east of Portales said his farms mostly missed the moisture.
“We had a little shower here, maybe a couple of tenths,” Ledbetter said.

Ledbetter said the weather has warmed enough recently that he’s finally starting to irrigate some. He says showers could be a good thing right now for most farmers as long as the weather doesn’t turn severe. He said he’d heard of a few bad hailstorms in the area recently and he didn’t want that now.

“We need a little rain but at the same time I’m kind of scared of it,” Ledbetter said.

He reported that another farm in his family west of town received no rain Thursday at all.

Terry Varnell, who runs the grain elevator at Rogers said no rain had been received in the South County area. He said with wheat harvest winding down bad weather wasn’t too big of a concern now.

“We’re still getting a little bit (wheat) but for all practical purposes we’re done,” Varnell said.

Glenda Anthony, who lives near Elida, also reported no rainfall Thursday either.

“That’s kinda the way it is with some of these storms,” Anthony said. “It sure looked blue back toward Portales though.”