Reunion chance to relive times past

By Karl Terry: PNT Managing Editor

It’s been 30 years and plans have been laid for the Class of 1977 to reassemble for a party and portrait.

We’ve been away long enough now that even the classmates too busy or intimidated to come to the last two reunions are curious to see what others are doing. The interest is there but according to class president Danny Woodward the checks are all still in the mail. It doesn’t surprise me, though; we were all a pretty tight bunch.

When I came back to Portales two years ago, Danny tried to rope me into organizing the reunion. I turned him down and politely pointed out that he was the one who had been duly elected by the class as president.

Eventually Kelly Stublefield was appointed to get the ball rolling for the reunion and he reportedly got a good response from the dozens of phone calls he made. Kelly, who had a career as a professional stand-up comedian, no doubt had little trouble chatting everyone up.

Now all we need is for folks to follow through.

A decade ago we had over 60 from a class of about 125 attending. My guess is we’ll have at least that many come through again.
I remember at that reunion how little most of our class had changed in personality. Their hairstyle, weight and dress might have changed but speech patterns, laughs and other traits gave most of them away in a second. Hair and weight are almost certainly going to change, usually for the worse after 30 years.

Actually, after 10 years I was awarded the “baldy” award. I’ve seen a few classmates and I don’t believe that award is necessarily going to me this time around.

As far as the way we all dress, that may have changed for the better. Thumbing through the 1977 Portales High School annual, it appears Portales had captured the polyester market and it was all at the high school. Thank God disco is dead and it took the leisure suit with it.

I’m guessing the reunion pastime of judging who has been successful professionally and who hasn’t will still be on everyone’s mind at this reunion but I don’t think it will be the main point of interest. I think a lot of us just want to get reconnected and see what our old friends look like as doting grandparents.

We’re even throwing open the doors to those classes on either side of ours to come out and visit and party with us. If you were in high school any year that the class of ’77 was at PHS you’re welcome to come eat, dance, tell lies and show off pictures of kids and grandkids too. Just pay your registration and stay out of the class portrait.

I know we can’t turn back time, and as much fun as we had, I wouldn’t want to, but we can get together for a night of catching up on each others’ lives.

If someone slips up and embellishes the glory days a little too much they’ll be forgiven on this one night. If they really mess up, get drunk and lie like crazy, somebody will be there to call them on it and we’ll all laugh about it at the next reunion.

Me, I’ll be the fat, bald guy on the dance floor in the disco shirt.