Flower power

By Casey Peacock: PNT Staff Writer

Tender loving care and patience have contributed to the colorful yard that Ernie and Carolyn Marshall have created at their home on South Globe in Portales.

“God’s been good to us this year. We’ve had the rain and stuff to make our flowers and garden real pretty,” Mr. Marshall said.

The front yard of the home is filled with a variety of flowers. Various shades of pansies surround the tree, while a colorful selection of snapdragons are planted around the lightpole. In the larger flowerbed pansies are intermingled amongst roses, mums and daisies.

Along the fence that lines the alleyway are several iris plants, that, when in bloom, offer a colorful bounty to people passing on the street. On the outside of the property, along the street and the alleyway, a rock garden/xeriscape zone has been put in.

“When the irises are blooming, I think that’s when my yard’s the prettiest. The irises are really the one thing I love,” he said.

One of the biggest reasons the couple purchased the home four years ago was for the yard space. The yard offers ample space to plant flowers and a garden. Since the purchase of the home, the couple has worked hard to spruce up the yard and plant a myriad of flowers, they said.

In addition, the yard’s angled fence lines make it a natural gardener’s showplace.

“What we’ve done here is plant flowers that will come back every year. Some were already here when we bought the place,” he said.

The couple says that their yard was at it’s prettiest about a month ago. The flowers are in between growing stages and the couple is awaiting the growth of the fall flowers.

Many people are amazed by the fact that the majority of the flowers planted by the couple are quite common and have been around for centuries, such as the petunias, snap dragons, and roses. During the summer, the couple have received several compliments on their yard, they said.

“They’ll stop, either that or they’ll creep by,” Mrs. Marshall said. “With the rain this year it (the yard) really peaked and we’ve had a lot of comments.”

Along with a yard full of flowers, the couple has also planted a garden in their backyard. Fresh produce from the garden is put up by Mrs. Marshall for the couple to enjoy during the winter months.

Throughout the property, the couple has devoted countless hours to bring the yard and flowers to life. Through trial and error, they have learned what will grow and what won’t. They have also learned the best way to fertilize and when to prune flowers. The couple is constantly learning new tips and tricks to utilize in their yard, Mr. Marshall said.

“This is my little farm. Every since I quit farmin’ I enjoy my yard and growing stuff,’ he said.

On the down side, the yard’s visibility has made it the target of vandalism. In the past, someone climbed into their yard and caused damage to two of their fruit trees. With time and care, the couple were able to save the trees and today they continue to grow and thrive.

“We both love our yard. We both enjoy that type work. It’s a lot of fun,’ Mr. Marshall said.