Area students vie for place on fair’s royal court

By Casey Peacock: PNT Staff Writer

Six young ladies from Roosevelt County will begin competition to determine who will be the reigning Roosevelt County fair royalty for the 2007-2008 year.

The horsemanship portion of the competition will take place on Thursday morning at the Special Events Arena at the fairgrounds. During the competition, each of the contestants will perform a required reining pattern and a then a free-time pattern. The competitors will also answer questions that pertain to the care of their horse, diseases of the horse, and parts of the horse, said Robin Cox, Roosevelt County fair queen contest coordinator.

“It’s to see if they know something about their horse, not that they just know how to ride,” Cox said of the horsemanship portion.

The day will also include private interviews, allowing them to be judged on personality. Also during this portion, the contestants will be asked questions that pertain to the fair, such as who the current fairboard members are, what time an event is to take place or where events are being held, Cox said.

“As Roosevelt County Fair royalty, they represent the fair and they need to know about it if people ask questions,” Cox said.

The day will wrap up with the speech and modeling portion of the contest. Contestants will model a western style outfit of their choice.

They will also present to the judges a speech that is based either on the fair, Roosevelt County or what they have done to prepare for the contest, Cox said.

During the fair, contestants will be judged on their conduct.

Eastern New Mexico State Fair Queen Brianne Aucutt will be at the competition on Thursday to assist the reigning royalty in the absence of the Roosevelt County fair queen. Coronation of the new fair royalty will take place on August 24, immediately following the awards presentation at the fair, Cox said.


This year, only one candidate will be running for the title of Roosevelt County Fair Queen.

Name: Carissa Swift
Age: 17
Parents: Goldie and Jerry Montgomery
Grade: Senior
School: Portales High School
Activities: National Honor Society and member of her church’s youth group
Future Plans: Pursue a degree in the music industry and business


Name: Raegan Whited
Age: 13
Parents: Gary and Sherel Whited
Grade: Eighth
School: Portales Junior High School
Activities: Little Wranglers Junior Rodeo Association and PJHS Honor Choir
Future Plans: To rodeo and become a surgeon

Name: Jessie Evans
Age: 13
Parents: Josett Evans
Grade: Eighth
School: Portales Junior High School
Activities: Little Wranglers Junior Rodeo
Future Plans: To be an animal cop

Name: Sky Cathey
Age: 13
Parents: Dusty and Tanis Cathey
Grade: Seventh
School: Dora
Activities: Rodeo, volleyball and track
Future Plans: To be a veterinarian


Name: Chalee Tanise Sparks
Age: 6
Parents: Rachelle and Tanner Sparks
Grade: First
School: Steiner Elementary
Activities: Little Wranglers and T-Ball
Future Plans: To be a veterinarian

Name: Audrey Beverage
Age: 8
Parents: Charitie Beverage and Chris Urias
Grade: Third
School: James Elementary
Activities: Little Wranglers, basketball
Future Plans: Working with horses