County fair offers opportunity to display wares

By Casey Peacock: PNT Staff Writer

The Roosevelt County fair begins Wednesday, and county residents are being encouraged to enter items in the Home Arts division.

“We try to encourage people to bring things in and display their work,” said Roosevelt County Home Economist Connie Moyers.

Entries are accepted in several categories that include the following: Adult Crafts, Baked Products, Fine Arts, Photography, Flower Show, Food Preservation, Handiwork, Horticulture, Sewing, Sweet Delicacies, Woodworking and Metal Art Department. The same categories are also open to 4-H Club members in the junior open division, Moyers said.

Entries for the junior open will be taken in the Junior Craft Department, located in the Youth Building. Entries for categories in the Home Arts division will be taken in the Home Arts Building, Moyers said.

“We have people who do really nice work in all the categories,” Moyers said.

The Home Arts exhibitor receiving the most points in any of the categories will be awarded the sweepstakes award. A platter for the sweepstakes award has been donated by Mary Lou Rowley of Kiva Realty. The first-place winner will receive $150, while the second-place winner will receive $50. The prize money has been donated by Ashley Furniture, Moyers said.

Other awards include the Ball Fresh Preserving Award for food preservation and the Wilton Awards for the decorated cake division, Moyers said.

“Each department has a best of show that will all be displayed together in the best of show booth,” Moyers said.

Entries are due by 6 p.m. Monday, except for the flower show, which will be accepted from 9-10:30 a.m. Wednesday. Judging for the Home Arts division will take place Monday evening and Tuesday, Moyers said.

For the third year, the Fancy Cake Contest, sponsored by Calton Furniture, will return to the Home Arts division. Cakes for this contest are judged in areas such as uniqueness of the recipe, special garnishes or frosting technique. Fancy cakes are not decorated with piped icing and are those that do not fall into any other categories in the Home Arts division. A cake mix may be used for the base. The first-place winner will receive $100, second place, $75, and third place, $50, Moyers said.

“It’s the most special cake you would make for company or a special occasion. It just needs to be something really fancy,” Moyers said.

The Home Arts division includes the Display Booths that are also a part of the Home Arts Building. The booths are decorated by youth organizations, county extension clubs, 4-H Clubs, business and educational organizations. There are 28 booths in the building and all are expected to be filled by fair time, said Booth Superintendent Jeanne Kircher.

“They’re nice. Everybody does a really nice job,” Kircher said of the display booths.

“It’s just an opportunity for participants to put up an educational or informational booth to tell about what they do,” Moyers said.