Fair offers unique sounds, smells, sights

By Karl Terry: PNT managing editor

A good number of us have just experienced that most magical time of year in Roosevelt County — fair time.

The sights, the sounds, the smells. I could list a million of them if I had the time and the newsprint. Here’s a few to keep the memory alive until next year.

The sights
• Tattoos on the fat gals wandering the carnival.
• Little girls learning to dance atop their daddy’s boots.
• A goodie bag brimming with magnets, fly swatters, potholders, yardsticks, pens and bubble gum.
• Little kids eatin’ great big corn dogs.
• A young boots and jeans clad gal arm-in-arm with her first beau.
• Little cowboys in big straw hats.
• A beaming youngster showing his puppy at the pet show.
• A tired mom giving up another $20 bill to her offspring.
• A proud mom jockeying for position to take a photo of daughter with lamb.
• The kaleidoscope of color from a ferris wheel at night.
• The carpet of light and humanity from atop that ferris wheel.

The sounds
• Screaming kids on carnival rides
• Little kids puking up great big corn dogs after those carnival rides.
• Pig squeals that hurt your ear drums.
• Carnival barkers goading young dads to “try it one more time sir.”
• Bawling heifers tied in the dairy barn.
• Bawling, cranky kids in strollers on the midway.
• Neighbors greeting neighbors.
• The cackle of a pen full of laying hens.
• The buzz of electric clippers perfectly shaping a lamb’s backside.
• Laughter from a crowd.
• The sharp rap of the auctioneer’s gavel denoting success after months of hard work.

The smells
• Fryer grease clinging to the air over the tater and funnel cake booth.
• Cow manure on a city dude’s loafers.
• The poultry barn after a rainstorm.
• The sweet smell of cotton candy.
• The sweet smell of sawdust in the show ring.
• The aroma of slow-cookied barbecue brisket on the breeze.
• Fresh cut leather in the leathercraft section of the 4-H barn.
• Fresh baked cookies stuffed in fancy cookie jars.
• The scent of alfalfa hay tossed out among the steers.
• Smoked pork chops for breakfast.