Classes begin at ENMU

BY Casey Peacock: PNT Staff Reporter

The Eastern New Mexico University campus was bustling with activity as classes for the Fall semester began on Monday.

Criss-crossing the campus, students were walking to classes and various other activities on the campus.

For freshman students and roommates Sabrina Villanueva and Desiree Sena, the first day of college classes were fairly calm. The two friends, who graduated from Portales High School in May, were taking a break between classes.

“It’s pretty easy and calm so far,” Villanueva said.

For Sena, the day started with a case of nerves, though they had settled some by midmorning, she said.

“It was pretty good,” Sena said of her first classes.

Undecided as to what their majors will be, the students are taking basic classes, along with freshman seminar and some psychology classes. The two are enrolled in three of the classes together, they said.

Kenneth Haynes quietly sat in the library awaiting the start of his editing class. Haynes has been attending ENMU for several years, and is pursuing a degree in journalism, he said.

“I have changed my major a couple of times,” Haynes said.

Working part-time on campus in the ITV department, and a part-time student, Haynes will be attending two classes for the semester, video editing and western civilization, he said.

“I’m a little apprehensive,” Haynes said of his editing class.

According to ENMU President Steve Gamble, the number of students seem to be holding steady as compared to last year’s total of 4,052. It will take approximately two weeks to secure an accurate head count due to late registration and the drop and add period, he said.