Labor Day: Some work, some play

By Casey Peacock: PNT Staff Writer

For many in Portales, Labor Day signified another day to work, rather than to play or enjoy an extra day off from work.

Adam Gutierrez, manager of Soapy Springs Car Wash, was busier than normal helping customers and working to keep the facility cleaned up on Monday.

“It’s been a really busy day,” Gutierrez said.

As part of his daily duties, Gutierrez is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the facility and equipment. He is also responsible for keeping the facility clean of any trash and debris and helping customers with what they need, he said.

“We make sure the customer is No. 1, that’s our motto,” Gutierrez said.

Once his shift was over, Gutierrez planned to spend the rest of the afternoon with his family, enjoying a barbecue.
“It’s a beautiful day,” Gutierrez said.

Across town, the Tower Twin was open for business. Normally open in the afternoon, the theater opted to open at 11 a.m. due to the holiday, said Sabrina Rhoades, assistant manager.

“We’ve only got a few people right now, but that’s normal for the weekend,” Rhoades said. “It usually picks up around 5, for the next showing.”

Rhoades and fellow employee, Phillip Harrell, were tending to the usual day-to-day activities that they perform. After work, Rhoades intended to spend time with her kids, and Harrell had plans to work on homework, they said.

The day was not all work for some residents, as evident at Eastern New Mexico University. On the lawn located next to Bernallio Hall, the housing staff was hosting a barbecue for the students housed in Bernallio and Curry halls, said Si Trujillo, assistant hall director for Bernallio Hall.

“We’re just doing a Labor Day barbecue for the residents,” Trujillo said.

Busy grilling hamburgers and hot dogs, Trujillo said the afternoon would be filled with games and activities for the students. Sand volleyball, ultimate frisbee and football would be a few of the games offered for the students to participate in, Trujillo said.
“We just always try to do something,” Trujillo said.