Street work begins

By Casey Peacock: PNT Staff Writer

As part of a Community Development Block Grant, street work began in northeast Portales on Thursday.

According to Portales city councilor Jake Lopez, who also sits on the CDBG board, the area is in much need of repair. Patch jobs done by the city were not able to hold up anymore due to weather and traffic, he said.

“I pushed for it real hard,” Lopez said of the grant.

Improvements to the area include replacing exsisting curbs and gutters, installing new curbs and gutters where needed and resurfacing the streets with asphalt, according to city officials.

Residents in the area are bracing for the construction but pleased it’s happening.

“I’m glad we’re getting the curbs fixed,” said neighborhood resident Sandra Moreno.

Moreno, who used to live in the vicinity of Danube Street has already been through the ordeal of having her streets repaired. For her the small inconveniences that the construction will cause is a small price to pay for the opportunity to have better streets, she said.

“It’s a short bother, it’s not forever,” Moreno said.

Lopez, would like to see all the streets in Portales fixed. The grants are based on the needs of the area and who qualifies for them, he said.

“We try and pick out a district that qualifies,” Lopez said.

The $536,226 project will be done by K Barnett & Sons and will take approximately 60 days to complete. During the construction phase,
the following streets will be closed: First Street from Boulder to Elgin Avenues, Amazon Street from Boston to Elgin Avenues, Brazos Street from Boulder to Elgin Avenues and Boulder Avenue from First to Brazos Streets, according to a press release issued by the company.

By repairing the streets, both Moreno and Lopez feel it will be beneficial to the neighborhoods.

“We’ve been wanting to get that area fixed,” Lopez said.

Once construction of the project is complete, the area should see improvement in issues such as drainage, and wear and tear of the streets, Lopez said.