9-23 Floyd Menu

Floyd Schools Menu for the week of September 24


Monday: Sausage/egg casserole, cereal, juice, milk.

Tuesday: Blueberry muffin, cereal, juice, milk.

Wednesday: Sausage/egg burrito, cereal, juice, milk.

Thursday: Quesadilla, cereal, juice, milk.


Monday: Spaghetti, rolls, pears, chocolate pudding, milk, (Salad bar MS/HS).

Tuesday: Chicken enchilada, rice, refried beans, salad, Jell-O, milk, (Salad bar MS/HS).

Wednesday: Poor man’s steak, green beans, rolls, fruit salad, milk, (Salad bar MS/HS).

Thursday: Hamburger, roll, French fries, lettuce/pickle/tomato, apricots, (Salad bar MS/HS).