9-23 PHS Counselors

Competency exams set

The New Mexico High School Competency Exam (NMHSCE) will be administered Oct. 2-4 to all Portales High School seniors who have not passed portions or all of the NMHSCE. Former PHS students from graduating classes 2002 to 2007, who received a certificate of completion and not a diploma, will also be given the opportunity to re-take the exam to obtain gradation status. All New Mexico high school seniors must pass the NMHSCE to receive their diplomas.

Senior students who transferred in from out-of-state will be required to take the NMHSCE in order to receive their diplomas. Students and parents who have any questions may visit the guidance office or call at 356-7015. If you are former student you must call by Sept. 25 to arrange to re-test.

ACT/SAT exams upcoming

Seniors interested in attending a four-year university after graduation must take a college entrance exam, either the ACT or the SAT.

The next ACT will be given on Oct. 27. The next SAT will be given on Oct. 6.

Seniors should also be applying to the colleges of their choice this month as well as obtaining scholarship information.

Scholarship being offered

Outstanding Students of America is offering a scholarship program for high school seniors. There is no fee associated with this scholarship and it is payable to the college of the student’s choice. Deadline to apply is Oct. 10 postmarked. For information and to obtain an application on-line students may go to www.outstandingstudentsofamerica.com or visit the counseling and guidance office.

Heisman Award announced

For the past 13 years, Wendy’s Restaurants have teamed up with the Heisman Memorial Trophy Committee to create the Wendy’s High School Heisman Award. This award honors both male and female high school students who excel in academics, athletics and student leadership. Schools can have as many applicants as meet eligibility criteria.

Eligibilty is limited to men and women entering their senior year of high school in the 2007-2008 academic year who have at least a “B” grade average and participate in at least one of 33 sports officially sactioned by the National Federation of State High Schools. The link to the online application is now available at the Wendy’s High School website (www.wendyheisman.com). Deadline to apply is Oct. 1

Scholarship information available

Available scholarships and other information is posted on the Portales Schools Web site in the schools section under Portales High School, Counselors Corner. Talk to the PHS counselors for more information about college entrance exams, college admissions, and scholarships. Thomas Tafoya meets with students whose last names begin A-L and Pam Nelson-Ray meets with students whose last names begin M-Z.