9-23 PJHS News

Campaigns begin

Students running for student council office and their campaign managers have filled the halls with posters and decorated their friends with “vote for me” buttons, banners, and even T-shirts. Students cast their ballots for co-officers after listening to candidates speeches Friday morning.

Tutoring available

Principal Steve Harris says he is happy that Portales Junior High did indeed make annual yearly progress (AYP) in all areas assessed with the exception of one subgroup in reading and math. Because of that one subgroup, PJHS is currently classified as a “corrective action” school. That classification enables the school to offer free tutoring to all students who need or want a little extra help in math, language arts/reading, science, and history.

Teachers will facilitate after school tutoring for seventh and eighth grade students at the junior high school. The Monday through Thursday sessions will begin in October.

Students were given a letter to take home to parents Friday, so parents can request tutoring services for their child.

Laptops arrive

The technology department is working to get laptops formatted for the eighth grade students. The computers will be distributed at 6:30 p.m. Thursday in the new gym.

Monday Glenda Meeks, assistant principal, will send a package of information home with the students. Three forms need to be returned to the school before computers are distributed. These forms include statements of responsibilities as well as privileges of users.

The new computers for the seventh grade students are scheduled to arrive within a week or two. When those are formatted, the principal will schedule three nights for parents and students to receive their laptops. The computers include free maintenance, but students will have to pay shipping and handling if their computers have to be sent to the repair site.

Although most students have returned their Internet permission forms to the library, they will need to complete a second form for the laptops. Teachers are incorporating technology into lesson plans, and students will be able to use their computers throughout the year.

Football hosts Yucca

The seventh and eighth grade teams play Yucca in Portales this week. The seventh grade kicks off Wednesday, and the eighth grade team plays Thursday.

Volleyball hosts Texico

Thursday Texico will face the seventh and eighth grade Ram volleyball teams in Portales.